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CIMA 50th

2023 CIMA Annual Conference

Join us in person or virtually for the 2023 Conference of Intermountain Archivists annual meeting May 10-13, 2023 in Logan, Utah. It's a notable year for a couple of reasons. First, we are returning to a traditional four-day conference with a full schedule including pre-conference workshop, presentation sessions, keynote, reception, breakout sessions, business meeting/awards luncheon, dine-arounds, and tours for the first time since 2019. Additionally, we are celebrating our organization’s 50th anniversary, which is reflected in our conference theme: “CIMA at 50: Remembering the Past, Embracing the Future.” We look forward to seeing you there!

Cultural Diversity Competency (SAA)

  • May 02, 2022
  • (CDT)
  • May 16, 2022
  • (CDT)
  • 3 sessions
  • May 02, 2022, 3:00 PM 5:00 PM (CDT)
  • May 09, 2022, 3:00 PM 5:00 PM (CDT)
  • May 16, 2022, 3:00 PM 5:00 PM (CDT)
  • Online
  • 11


See "Cultural Diversity Competency" in SAA Course Catalog


We all would like to believe that we are aware of Cultural Diversity Competency (CDC), but what exactly does it stand for? Helen Wong Smith says it’s the ability to function with awareness, knowledge, and interpersonal skill when engaging people of different backgrounds, assumptions, beliefs, values, and behaviors. In this workshop you’ll be challenged to examine personal perceptions that might surprise you and, you’ll be introduced to strategies that will increase your ability to practice inclusion.

 This workshop provides the four skills to employ CDC and the five stages individuals and organizations can implement to improve relations with internal and external communities.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Define CDC and how its integration at three levels is required to be successful
  • Examine critically your interaction with people of different cultures, not limited to ethnicity
  • Identify the five stages and where you and your organization are on the continuum of CDC
  • Practice four important skills to employ CDC
  • Identify the multi-level model for implementing CDC
  • Design methods to improve relations with internal and external communities
  • Combine cultural-mindedness with culturally centered communication skills for effective relationships with all people forming the basis for culturally competent organizations, communities and societies

Who Should Attend

Archivists, librarians, staff, and managers who provide any type of information services

What You Should Already Know

No prior knowledge is necessary.

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