Job Opportunity–Provo, Utah

July 20, 2021

The Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University is seeking a Digital Metadata Librarian. This position is responsible for:

  • Creating, updating, remediating, transforming, importing, and exporting metadata for digital objects and collections residing in various library systems and metadata repositories
  • Coordinating aggregation of digital content and metadata, including digital object metadata and descriptive records
  • Maintaining and updating metadata application profiles
  • Creating metadata ingest templates
  • Performing quality control and quality assessment of metadata describing digital objects
  • Presenting research or innovative/unique information at conferences, workshops, seminars, and/or other professional/scholarly meetings

For more information about the position qualifications and to apply, please see the YJobs website at Applications are due by August 9, 2021.

Job Opportunity — Carson City, Nevada

July 20, 2021

The State of Nevada is seeking an Assistant Administrator. Under direction of the Nevada State Library, Archives, and Records (NSLAPR) Administrator, the Assistant Administrator of Archives & Records serves as State Archivist and manages the State Archives, State Records, and Imaging and Preservation Services programs. This incumbent plans, organizes, coordinates, directs, and evaluates the section functions that include accessioning and preservation of governmental records and private manuscripts determined through appraisal to have permanent value.  This includes directing the development of archives and records management programs and associated policies and procedures to ensure the implementation of services which fulfill the needs of State agencies, local government entities and the general public; developing policy and procedure for assigned NLSAPR programs within statutory authority; arranges documents according to accepted archival principles and preparation of retrieval aids to ensure maximum accessibility to users; makes available and performs research in special collections, published library materials, and official records of continuing value; and establishes efficient and cost-effective programs for the maintenance, use, retention, and disposition of government records statewide. Additionally, the assistant administrator manages the section’s twelve program staff, budget, and public relations activities and serves as both coordinator of the State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB) as per appointment by the Governor and staff to the State Records Committee. This position oversees and participates in the development of grant applications and funding proposals and oversees training programs for state and local government employees in the areas of archives and records management. As an essential part of the NSLAPR Administration team, the assistant administrator also develops, coordinates, and executes on division-wide goals and represents the agency and acts on behalf of the Administrator as requested. The NSLAPR is a division within the Department of Administration and is located in Carson City, Nevada.

For more information about the position, including desired qualifications, salary, and application procedures, please contact Rosana Woomer (, or 775-684-0132). Applications are due by July 26, 2021.

Job Opportunity–Salt Lake City, Utah

June 15, 2021

The J. Willard Marriott Library seeks to recruit a group of archivists to support the development and promotion of manuscript and multimedia archives within the University of Utah’s Special Collections. The Library anticipates hiring four staff positions simultaneously, which will provide collection oversight and reference support for students, faculty, and community patrons. Working closely as a cohort and in conjunction with our senior archivists, department heads, and faculty within the division, the archivists will help to set the direction for collection development, access, and outreach priorities for the immediate and ongoing future. The Marriott Library’s Manuscripts and Photographs Departments are major repositories of the records of individuals, groups, and businesses across the city, state, and intermountain West. The archivists will be vital contributors to the effort to identify, preserve, and provide access to the voices and histories of a diverse range of communities and individuals in the region.

This position requires familiarity with primary research materials and with methods for providing digital and in-person access. The Archivists will play a primary role in the acquisition, organization, and preservation of records, documents, photographs, and other cultural media. The position will provide reference support for students, faculty, and community patrons of Special Collections by communicating with researchers, arranging appointments for in-person examination of documents, and preparing requested materials. The Archivists will direct reproduction requests by overseeing part-time employees in the processing and digitizing of collections and the upload of content for digital preservation and access, as well as guiding workflows and ensuring quality control.

In addition to connecting scholars with documents and artifacts, the Archivists will assist in the Division’s internal processing of donations. The Archivists will provide support for the Division’s oversight and processing of archival materials, and will be expected to assume other responsibilities based on immediate needs and expressed priorities. We request that the applicant articulate any background, training, and interest in working with archival collections in particular media (e.g., manuscripts, photographs, film, recorded sound) in their cover letter.

The duties, qualifications, and preferences listed in this posting are intended to give applicants an understanding of the role we are seeking to fill and the types of skills, experience, and education that may have prepared someone to be effective in this role. We do not expect any candidate to be a perfect match for this list or to perform all of the duties with equal proficiency on day one. In your resume and cover letter, please highlight the most relevant qualifications you would bring to this position based on the posting, and tell us how your background, perspective, and experience will help us fulfill our mission and meet our goals.

For more information about the positions, including required qualifications, salary, and application process, please visit the University of Utah job site at

Job Opportunity–Salt Lake City, Utah

May 12, 2021

The Department of Cultural and Community Engagement (CCE) is searching for a Digital Content Specialist to aid in the digital storytelling of CCE endeavors and digital collection development in preparation for a physical collection move and the building of a new Museum of Utah slated to open in 2023. This position is for 2-3 years with the possibility of extension. Work can be a combination of in-person work and telework subject to a telework agreement with the department. 

Principal Duties
As the Digital Content Specialist you will typically:

  • Be responsible for ongoing digital content production and digital storytelling, including working with the collections team on establishing priorities for collections digitization, digitization project management and digital online presence.
  • Be responsible for maintaining a continuous and agile content production process, establishing workflows to optimize efficiency, refining metadata, optimizing usability and conducting quality assurance. 
  • Work on a variety of content areas, that may include exhibitions, collections, behind the scenes activities and public outreach. 
  • Ensure content across digital platforms is up to date and aligns with online content strategy as part of the CCE’s mission and the building of the museum. 
  • Conduct research, media asset gathering and selection, writing and editing, interpretation and adaptation of existing content, coordination of review and publishing schedules and distribution of final products.
  • Perform content management tasks including organizing, tagging and application of metadata.
  • Conduct ongoing tracking and reporting of content-related key performance indicators and analytics, monitoring and moderation of publicly generated content, and regular content review, maintenance and quality assurance.

For more information about the position, including salary, qualifications, and to apply, please visit the Utah government jobs portal at

Job Opportunity–Salt Lake City, Utah

March 15, 2021

The Division of Archives is seeking a Manager who can play an integral role in our division-wide workflow and transition our Reformatting team into digital media.

Principal Duties
As the Archives Reformatting Program Manager, you will:

  • Work with management to develop, update, and define
    • The reformatting services offered by the division.
    • Fees related to reformatting services.
    • A service request process with appropriate documentation, expectations, and timelines.
    • Policies, procedures, standards, and instructions that align with the Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) and other professional standards.
    • Technical documentation for reformatting equipment to ensure continuity of operations.
    • Metadata standards for all reformatted assets, in cooperation with the Digital Archives Program Manager.
    • A model process for the capture, dissemination, and preservation of reformatted assets.
    • A multi-year strategic plan with program improvement goals, a roadmap to achieving those goals, and that addresses evolving roles, responsibilities, skills development, and technology upgrades needed to meet program goals.
    • A documented quality control process for reformatting work.
    • Performance measures to establish program capacities and maintain performance goals for the program.
    • Lead a strong team of skilled employees in our transition from microfilm to digital formats.
  • Analyze current reformatting services and coordinate staff to meet current demands.
  • Create and manage a customer facing Work in Progress board that allows all customers to track work in progress and current program priorities.
  • Write a written report for transition over the first year that identifies goals, measures, and a roadmap for the reformatting program.

For more information about the position qualifications, salary, and to apply, please visit the State of Utah jobs site at