Job Opportunity–Carson City, Nevada

The Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records is seeking a Senior Records Analyst position located in Carson City, Nevada. Incumbents perform administrative work in planning, coordinating and directing activities in a records management program that is responsible for the maintenance, use, retention and disposition of government records statewide. Incumbents possess expert knowledge and understanding of records management, theory and practice. The Incumbent must demonstrate experience consulting with government personnel, appraising records, researching applicable laws and regulations, and drafting records retention schedules. Incumbents must be well versed in information technology and the requirements for promoting authentic, reliable, and accessible records in an electronic environment. The incumbent will need to be able to develop plans for electronic records management, including standards and guidelines, based on NRS, NAC, and NSLAPR’s goals. The Incumbent will implement and provide training and awareness programs in order to train employees on managing records retention policy and electronic records policy in accordance with NSLAPR’s policies and guidelines. The incumbent must demonstrate leadership and skills in project management and problem solving.

For more information about the position, its qualifications, and to apply, please visit the Nevada government jobs listing at

Applications close on April 22, 2022.

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