Job Opportunity — Los Alamos, N.M.

The Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is seeking a Project Manager to oversee the digitization of classified and unclassified materials. The WRS-SIS Digitization Project Manager will be responsible for implementing the digitization workflow, streamlining the digitization processes, assigning and tracking day-to-day activities for the team, and working with customers at TA-55 to ensure priorities and requirements are being met.

The Digitization Project Manager will administer work to the team including: sorting and prioritizing documents and media, indexing, preparing documents for scanning, scanning, quality assurance, formatting files, entering metadata, and uploading to the digital classified repository. Other duties include providing support to locate and extricate important information as one-off requests for technical customers.

This individual will be working as the on-site leader and will be administering work to the team and working in a semi-autonomous manner.

For more information about the position, including required qualifications, salary and benefits, and application procedures, is available at the Los Alamos National Laboratory website

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