CIMA Handbook Revision Available for Review

CIMA Council has had a multi-year effort going to revise the CIMA Handbook, modeling it closely on the comprehensive handbook used by the Society of California Archivists. Council has now completed a provisional “final” draft of the CIMA Handbook, and is making it available for membership review. As noted in the document, there are still a handful of sections that have been identified as needing draft language. However, these sections are “new” in the sense that they have been identified as lacking in the handbook’s current iteration. This new handbook also consolidates the founding documents of our organization into one place, and unifies the various forms and guidelines we rely on to conduct business into an attached set of appendices.

The draft document is available here.

Council requests that the membership review and provide comment at the CIMA business meeting on Friday, May 19th. One of the agenda items for that meeting will be a discussion and vote on provisional approval of the newly revised handbook (with the understanding that it will be finalized this year). And, if you are not able to attend the business meeting, comments and ideas may be submitted via email to Jim Kichas (

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