Job Opportunity — Salt Lake City, Utah

The Utah State Archives is seeking an Archivist to provide electronic records management and archival services to state agencies and governmental entities. Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • identification, description, appraisal, scheduling, and classification of electronic records series and agency electronic records management systems in accordance with state archives policies
  • appraisal and archival evaluation of electronic records for administrative, fiscal, legal, historic, and research values
  • assisting with the re-formatting of public records through a variety of technological methods
  • handling and preserving permanent government records in paper and digital formats
  • creation of reference materials to facilitate public access
  • participation in outreach efforts to state agencies and the public

The best qualified applicant is one who is experienced in the full spectrum of archival practices and techniques; who has a master’s degree in history, library sciences, or a related field; and who has earned a Digital Archives Specialist certification. Recent college graduates with a master’s degree in the above fields are encouraged to apply, especially those with volunteer or internship experience in electronic archiving.

For the full job announcement, and to apply, see the State of Utah job site at Applications are due by June 26, 2016.

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