Dues Increase Proposal

After a great deal of research and discussion, the CIMA Council has formally proposed increasing the annual individual membership fees. We believe it is in the best interest of the organization long-term to approve and enact this increase by January 2015. Please take time to carefully read and consider the rationale behind our proposal (click here for report).

Please feel free to contact me or any other Council member with your concerns or comments. As per our bylaws, notification and discussion will last 30 days from the date of this report. After the 30 day period of comment, we will send out electronic ballots to the membership. It is required that a majority of the membership must participate in this process to formally approve an increase in membership fees. If you want the numbers regarding CIMA’s current financial status, please e-mail CIMA treasurer Jim Kichas (jkichas@utah.gov).

Very truly yours,

Dan Davis
CIMA President

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