CIMA 2014 Awards Announced

The Conference of Inter‐Mountain Archivists (CIMA) announces the recipients of the 2014 CIMA Awards. Walter Jones, the Head of Western Americana at the University of Utah’s J. Willard Marriott Library, and John Sillito, emeritus professor of libraries and former University Archivist and Curator of Special Collections at Weber State University, are the designated recipients of the 2011 CIMA Life‐Time Achievement Award. Michael Frazier, Book and Paper Conservator for the University of Nevada Las Vegas Libraries, is the designated recipient of the 2014 CIMA Service Award.

The two honors (the CIMA Life‐Time Achievement Award and the CIMA Service Award) are bestowed annually to individuals who have demonstrated considerable service and leadership in the inter‐mountain west region, and who have made significant contributions to the CIMA organization and/or the archival profession. The CIMA Life‐Time Achievement Award recognizes the work of an entire career, spanning the course of several years. Likewise, the CIMA Service Award recognizes important work and activity, but it is given to someone who may not yet qualify for the Life‐Time Achievement Award. Both awards are presented with the highest honor and gratitude by the peers and colleagues of the recipients. The award recipients will be honored during a reception at the CIMA annual meeting in Carson City, Nevada (May 14‐16, 2014).

The CIMA Awards Committee (with confirmation by the CIMA Officers and Council) has selected Walter Jones and John Sillito as recipients of the 2014 CIMA Life‐Time Achievement Award.

Walter Jones photograph Walter Jones has actively and tirelessly nurtured the archival community in the Inter-Mountain Region and the Western United States throughout his archival career. He served as CIMA president in 2005-2006 and was instrumental in the launch of the Western Round-Up joint conferences that began in 2005. He also served as CIMA treasurer from 2007-2012 and on the CIMA Council from 2012-2014. Jones participated in the creation of the CIMA Awards and contributed in funding and launching the Journal of Western Archives.

Jones has served both as the Head of Western Americana and Assistant to the Associate Dean for Special Collections at the University of Utah. He has been a librarian there since 1982. Jones received his M.L.I.S. from Brigham Young University and an M.A. in History from the University of Utah. He is a recognized expert on American Western History and Oil Exploration. As a Veteran, Walter is a noted speaker and collector of literature on the U.S. involvement in Vietnam, events in Asia in the 1920s and 1930s, and the French wars in Indo-China. He teaches history classes at the University of Utah on the Vietnam War and teaches the class “American Civilization” at Salt Lake Community College. His publications include A History of the Sand Bar; Derricks and Determination: Oil Exploration in a Portion of Southwestern Wyoming, 1847-1982; and A Window to the World: The First 100 Years of the Natrona County Public Library.

John Sillito photograph John Sillito has been an active member and mentor of CIMA since the organization’s early days. He served as member-at-large from 1975-1981 and was the second chairman of CIMA from 1980-1983. He served on the Council from 2003-2005. Sillito also hosted numerous CIMA events at Weber State University, including the 2006 CIMA Annual Meeting. His dedication, leadership, and vision has inspired his many colleagues in the Inter-Mountain region. He received the Distinguished Archival Career Award from the Utah Manuscripts Association at the 2010 CIMA Fall Caucus.

Sillito served as Archivist at Weber State from 1977 until his retirement in April 2010. He was previously at the LDS Church Archives. A native of Salt Lake City, he has degrees in history and political science from the University of Utah. His publications include A World We Thought We Knew: Readings in Utah History published in 1995 by the University of Utah Press, serving as editor of History’s Apprentice: The Diaries of B. H. Roberts, 1880-98 and co-authoring with John S. McCormick, A History of Utah Radicalism: Startling, Socialistic, and Decidedly Revolutionary which received the 2012 Best Utah History Book Award. His writings have appeared in such journals as the Utah Historical Quarterly, Sunstone, and Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought.

Michael Frazier photograph The CIMA Awards Committee (with confirmation by the CIMA Officers and Council) has selected Michael Frazier to receive the 2014 CIMA Service Award. Frazier’s numerous contributions to CIMA have included serving as president from 2009-2010 and being instrumental in the organization and programming of the annual CIMA Nevada Fall Caucus. He is also heavily involved in recruiting sponsors and vendors for the annual meetings and has served on several local arrangement committees, including the one for the 2014 annual meeting. Frazier voluntarily took up the role of conference photographer and documenting CIMA’s history; his photographs were used in celebrating the 40th anniversary of CIMA in 2013. He is a true active, trusted, and reliable member of CIMA and the success of the annual meetings and CIMA Nevada Fall Caucus is largely owed to his work.

Frazier has served as the Book and Paper Conservator for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries since 2002. He is a graduate of the University of Tulsa, where he also worked as a Preservation Assistant at the McFarlin Library. Frazier has a Master’s Degree in Library Science from the University of North Texas. He has worked on the academic journal Conservation Administration News and has worked towards bringing archival and conservation training programs to the state of Nevada. He teaches a series of book and paper conservation workshops though UNLV’s Continuing Education Division.

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