CIMA Newsletter, Fall 2011

The final issue of the CIMA Newsletter has been published and distributed to the CIMA membership (volume 38, issue 3/4, December 2011). If you did not receive the current newsletter but should have; please let us know. We will forward it to you right away. In addition, the last issue of the newsletter (April 2011) is now available online to public. Click here to view the PDF version.

As of the beginning of the new year, Michael Frazier has decided to step down as CIMA Newsletter editor (though he I will continue to serve on the Newsletter committee and be a contributor). The new editor will be Kristi Young of Brigham Young University, who will take up editorial duties in January. If you have a newsletter submission or correction; you may send it to her at

Correspondence may also be sent to:

CIMA Newsletter Editor
P.O. BOX 2048
Salt Lake City, Utah 84110

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