Upcoming CIMA Election / Call for Nominations

This is a reminder that nominations are now being taken for candidates for the upcoming 2011 CIMA election. CIMA Members are invited to participate in our organization, by running for a leadership position.

Nominations for candidates will be taken through the annual meeting in Boise. After the nominations are closed, a short bio for each candidate will be distributed. The 2011 CIMA election will be conducted during the first few weeks of June. Write-In options will also be available on the ballot.

This year’s open positions are:

  • CIMA Vice-President/President Elect (3-year commitment)
  • CIMA Secretary (2-year commitment)
  • CIMA Council (3 open positions, each with a 2-year commitment)

If you have ever considered running for a CIMA office; you are invited to contact Michael Frazier, and he will be happy to visit with you, about each of the positions.

Michael Frazier, CIMA Nomination Committee
Special Collections
UNLV Libraries
4505 Maryland Parkway @ Box 457010
Las Vegas, NV 89154-7010
(702) 895-2240
Fax: (702) 895-2253
email: michael.frazier@unlv.edu

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