2011 CIMA Annual Conference

Boise State University
Boise, Idaho
May 19 – 20, 2011

Dear Colleagues:

It gives me great pleasure to formally introduce the registration packet for this year’s CIMA Spring Meeting. The beautiful city of Boise, Idaho will be our location, and conference events will be hosted at the Basque Museum and on the Boise State University campus. Click here to download the registration packet as a PDF.

Our theme for this year was designed to invite a wide variety of participation, and that is what we got! The program covers diverse topics within this theme, offering valuable ways to learn how we might serve our professional missions and our constituencies better.

We know that Boise is a long journey for many of you, and we have done our best to keep the costs affordable. This year we continue to offer assistance, in the form of a scholarship and a travel grant. If you are in need of assistance to travel to this year’s meeting, I encourage you to apply for one of these.

I call your attention to a special offer this year: non-CIMA members registering for this meeting will receive a year’s CIMA membership (a $15 value) along with their registration. I hope that some of you archivists in Idaho especially who are not already CIMA members will take advantage of this.

Since last year’s Western Roundup in Seattle, CIMA has been doing a lot to reach out to other organizations and to archivists of various kinds within our region, whether or not they are members. This work has taken the form of presentations at state library association meetings and the joint meetings we are planning in the near future. Meeting in Boise this year will help us make more contacts with archivists in Idaho, and I look forward to meeting them and inviting them to participate in CIMA. You may have also heard or read about CIMA’s investigation into the archives federation idea that was proposed at last year’s SAA meeting. We will present a formal response to that proposal soon, and have a chance to discuss it at the meeting.

I hope to see a great number of you in Boise!


Charles B. Stanford
CIMA President 2010-2011

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