CIMA Newsletter Re-Launches

The latest issue of the CIMA Newsletter (Volume 38, Issue 1, January 2011) has been published and distributed to the CIMA membership.

This issue represents a much anticipated re-launch of the CIMA Newsletter after a long hiatus. Our goal is to provide members with the most current information about CIMA and the archives profession in the inter-mountain region. If you did not receive the newsletter but should have; please let us know. We will forward a copy right away.

The CIMA Newsletter has a new format that is easier to read and to locate the information that you need. Along with this new format is a new quarterly publication schedule, which we hope will allow the CIMA Newsletter to become a more useful resource for our members. More frequent publications will mean more news and information.

However, we cannot have a regular newsletter without your submissions. So, keep your articles, photos, and letters coming. The next issue will be published on April 1, 2011. The deadline for submission for the next issue is March 1, 2011. (The current January issue will also be posted on the CIMA website in April.)

The CIMA Newsletter also extends an open invitation for ‘letters to the editor’. If you like what you see in CIMA or the newsletter, please let us know. Or, if you have a problem, question, or if you want to see something different, we encourage you to write us. Your opinion will be published. We look forward to your feedback.

Additional Information:
The CIMA Newsletter is a quarterly electronic journal, published for the members of the Conference of Inter-Mountain Archivists (CIMA). The annual subscription price is $12.00. A subscription to the CIMA Newsletter is included with a paid CIMA membership. New issues of the CIMA Newsletter are published on the 1st day of January, April, July, and October each year. All new regular issues are sent via e-mail to current CIMA members and subscribers on those dates. A printed version of the current issue will be provided to any current subscriber upon request. Each issue of the CIMA Newsletter is made available to the public and posted to the CIMA website after 3 months, immediately upon the publication of the newest issue. Submissions of articles and news items are accepted from the public at large. The deadline for submissions to the CIMA Newsletter is one month prior to any given publication date.

The quarterly deadlines are:
December 1st for the January Issue,
March 1st for the April Issue,
June 1st for the July Issue,
September 1st for the October Issue.

Special Issues may be published periodically, and will be announced in advance with their own separate due dates. Submissions and inquiries should be sent to the CIMA Newsletter Editor at:

Correspondence may also be sent to:

CIMA Newsletter Editor
PO BOX 2048
Salt Lake City, Utah 84110

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