Internship Opportunity – Salt Lake City, Utah

Archival (also Library & Museum) Acquisitions Specialist (Jan 2011 to Jan 2012) Work Assignment:

Work for one year under the direction of the professional staff in the following areas:
1) Interact, advise, and train service missionaries in the methodologies of acquisitions (appraising, negotiating, agreement writing, and documenting).
2) Manage the work of local missionaries assigned to coordinate and carry-out international acquisitions.
3) Conduct, coordinate, and train others engaged in the Church History Department’s (CHD’s) oral history program
4) Assist in creation of standard operating procedure (SOP) documents for the Church’s international history program.
5) Use and train others in using a CRM (customer relationship management) system, to track and document all interactions with donors and potential donors.
6) Process and catalog archival collections and train others to do so utilizing MARC format and DACS cataloging standards.
7) Work with Church-service missionaries engaged in the CHD’s Acquisitions Call Center (responding to emails, phone calls and walk-in donations).
8) Attend bi-monthly CHD Acquisition Board Meetings and other department meetings and fulfill assignments as given.

• Enrolled in or completed within the last year a graduate program in one of the following areas; History, Public History, American Studies, Library Science or Information Science, with an emphasis in Archives Management and/or Digital Libraries Specialization or commensurate experience working in a library or archive.
• A record of excellent communications skills (writing, speaking and team association)
• Fluency in Spanish, Portuguese, or another non-English language desired.
• Interest in and regular study of Church history.
• Respect for confidentiality.
• Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint and worthy to hold a temple recommend.

To apply, please see the LDS Church website.

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