Report: 2010 CIMA Fall Caucus

The 2010 CIMA Fall Caucus was held on Wednesday September 29, 2010 and we have had many positive comments from those who attended. At least 49 people attended, including long-time CIMA members, new CIMA members, and prospective members. In between sessions we enjoyed tasty muffins and fruit and cheese trays that included ripe honeydew melon (always appreciated).

Binders with copies of gift agreements from various institutions were given to attendees; these are available in digital form on request. This is a resource that can help you and your institution plan and improve the legal agreements you use, and we are grateful to all those who contributed copies of their institutions’ forms. The three sessions of this year’s Fall Caucus generated lively discussion that could have continued for much longer if we had had more time. We gathered useful information and tips (but not legal advice!) from Brad Westwood and three attorneys who deal with archives and intellectual property. These were: Jerry Reynolds, from LDS Philanthropies; Mike Homer, the Chairman of the Utah State Board of History; and Berne Broadbent, Director of Intellectual Property for the LDS Church.

The meeting concluded with the presentation of the Dr. Everett L. Cooley Distinguished Archival Career Award to John Sillito, by Greg Thompson for the Utah Manuscripts Association, with Sarah Langsdon from Weber State University. After the meeting concluded, some of the attendees were taken on a tour of the new LDS Church History Library, led by Michael Landon and Brandon Metcalf.

With the questions and comments that were raised in this meeting it is clear that CIMA members could benefit from more treatment and discussion of donor agreements, copyright and intellectual property. This means that anyone who wants to propose a session or workshop on the subject for the next Spring Meeting, or submit an article to the Journal of Western Archives, should feel free to do so. Do you have a suggestion as to how else CIMA could spread knowledge about this or any other matter? Email me, or one of the council representatives.

The proceedings of the caucus were recorded, and we are working to make the recordings on the website. This is the first time we have done this, and so the sound quality is not as good as we hope to make it in the future, but it is a start and represents an important development in CIMA’s member services.

Thanks go to:
Brad Westwood for setting up the program: selecting speakers and panelists, coordinating local
arrangements and the tour and probably many other small details I forgot to mention;
Elder and Sister Mortensen, missionaries assisting Brad, for coordinating and setting up for the meeting;
Walter Jones, for helping keep track of registration, receiving and taking care of the set-up and tear-down of the table-top display;
Messrs. Reynolds, Homer and Broadbent, for taking time to present and discuss these important matters with us;
Clint Christensen for taking pictures of the event; and
Michael Frazier for sending the display with literature, business cards and new card holders (which he also made), and for reminding me of the idea to record the proceedings.

Charles Stanford, CIMA President

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