Call for Donor Agreements

In preparation for the Utah Fall Caucus, we would like to request copies of all legal agreements pertaining to loan, deed, exhibition, and so on, used by every institution which belongs to CIMA, or whose staff in whole or in part belongs to CIMA.

Please send a copy of your repository’s boiler plate or standard agreements (i.e., donation forms, loan forms, deposit form, etc.), as soon as you possibly can. Send them either digitally or in hardcopy to Brad Westwood’s assistant Joann Mortensen, at the following address:
– or –
Joann Mortensen
Acquisitions Call Center
Church History Library
15 East North Temple St.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150

Even if you are not attending the caucus please send this information. We plan on distributing copies of all donor agreements to all CIMA members for a valuable reference source in policy making.

Thank you for your cooperation. We are looking forward to this.

Charles Stanford, CIMA President
Brad Westwood, CIMA Council
Gordon Daines, CIMA Council

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