2010 CIMA Grants and Scholarships Awarded

Each year, the Conference of Inter-Mountain Archivists (CIMA) awards various grants and scholarships to assist individuals attending conferences and training workshops. A record number of awards are being given to CIMA members attending the 2010 Western Round-up Super-Regional Meeting in Seattle, WA (April 28-May 1, 2010). After a two month application period, the following awards are being presented by the CIMA Council.

The 2010 Steve Wood Scholarship is given to Erica Olsen of the “Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum” in Blanding, Utah. Olsen is a part-time archivist, and she best represents the spirit in which the Steve Wood Scholarship was established. She will receive a check for $500.00 to attend the 2010 Western Round-up.

In addition to this scholarship, there are four individuals receiving CIMA Travel Grants, for the 2010 Western Round-up.

  • Justin Riley of the University of Utah is awarded $200.00
  • Charles Stanford of New Mexico State University is awarded $500.00
  • Sarah Langsdon of Weber State University is awarded $500.00
  • Joyce Marshall Moore of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is awarded $500.00

Recipients of the CIMA Travel Grants and Steve Wood Scholarships are required to share their conference experience, by writing a follow-up article for the CIMA Newsletter. Their articles will be published later this year.

The 2010 Western Round-up is the first joint-conference outside CIMA’s established region, in a number of years. This fact presents unique challenges to some CIMA members attending this once-in-a-lifetime event. As result, the CIMA Council introduced the new CIMA Registration Grant. CIMA Registration Grants are given to CIMA members, to specifically help with conference registration fees.

2010 CIMA Registration Grants are awarded to the following CIMA members:

  • SuKim Chung
  • Brad Cole
  • Lorraine Crouse
  • Daniel Davis
  • Michael Frazier
  • Krissy Giacoletto
  • Walter Jones
  • Susan Irwin
  • Joe Laframboise
  • Sarah Langsdon
  • Stan Larson
  • Paula Mitchell
  • Joyce Marshall Moore
  • Erica Olsen
  • Erin Passehl
  • Linda Reib
  • Scott Reiter
  • Guy Rocha
  • Tom Sommer
  • Charles Stanford
  • Stephen Sturgeon
  • Rebekah Tabah
  • Gregory Thompson
  • Alan Virta
  • Todd Welch
  • Linda Whitaker

The 2010 CIMA Grant and Scholarship application process has now concluded for this year.
All awards have now been given out.

Congratulations to all 2010 CIMA Grant and Scholarship recipients.

— Michael Frazier, CIMA President

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