Special Election Concludes, Life-Time Membership Passes

The CIMA Special Election has concluded. The single ballot initiative that allows the CIMA Council to create a new Life-Time Membership option has passed. After a vote of the CIMA Membership, the initiative was approved with 34 votes in favor, and 6 votes against.

The new Life-Time Membership option will be introduced in 2010. The fee for this new Life-Time Membership will be perpetually equivalent to 10 times the annual membership fee. The introductory rate will be $150.00. After paying this one-time fee, a CIMA member will be considered a member for life, with all the rights and privileges of full CIMA membership. New life-time members will receive a certificate acknowledging their life-time status.

More information will be forth-coming during the 2010 CIMA Membership Drive in December.

Michael Frazier, CIMA President
Special Collections
UNLV Libraries
4505 Maryland Parkway @ Box 457010
Las Vegas, NV 89154-7010
(702) 895-2240
Fax: (702) 895-2253
email: michael.frazier@unlv.edu

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