Fall 2009 CIMA Newsletter released

The Fall 2009 issue of the CIMA Newsletter has been released, and it has been e-mailed to the CIMA membership.

If you have not received the current issue, please contact Walter Jones to update your CIMA membership, and to verify your current contact information.

A printed copy of this issue will be mailed to CIMA members upon request. If you would like a printed copy sent to you, please contact Michael Frazier.

Issues of the CIMA Newsletter are available exclusively to CIMA members, during the first three months of any given issue’s release. The current Fall 2009 issue will be released to the general public and posted on the CIMA website on January 1, 2010. This will coincide with the publication of the next issue, on the same date.

Submissions of items for the January 2010 newsletter can be sent to Michael Frazier. The deadline for submissions for the next issue is December 1, 2009.

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