CIMA Election Results

The results are in, and CIMA’s new Officers and Council members are:

VP/Pres-Elect – Charles Stanford (NMSU)
Secretary – John Murphy (BYU)
Council – Catherine McIntyre (UVU), Erin Passehl (BSU), Brad Westwood (Church History Dept)

All terms begin on July 1st.

The by-laws amendment passed, so next year ballots can be submitted electronically.

Thank you to all who ran for office and to all who took the time to mail in their ballots.

On behalf of myself and the outgoing Council members (Dan Davis and Paula Mitchell)–it has been a pleasure to serve on behalf of CIMA. The third Council member rotating off is Charles Stanford who has been snagged for bigger and better things.

— Karen Kearns, CIMA Secretary

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